Foreclosure Defense Attorney in Rancho Cucamonga

Foreclosure defense attorney

How will foreclosure defense come to my rescue?


If your debts pile up due to medical expenses, credit card bills, or any other sudden expenses, you may have to think about foreclosing your house.

Bankruptcy can provide protection in case of foreclosure when you are short of your mortgage payments or if you have already been through the foreclosure process.

It is very important to know all of your options in case of foreclosure. We provide reliable advice about your real situation and the necessary steps to be taken to keep you in your home. If it is in your best interests, they will advise you and provide information regarding short sales and other helpful options.

We will be fair and honest in every situation with you. If you decide to keep your home or would prefer to go through the bankruptcy process, you have to know accurate information to make the best decision.

We will serve clients with all types of foreclosure defense, including those involving foreclosure alternatives such as:

  • Selling your present home and buying a new property
  • Short selling
  • Rollover of mortgage payments to a Chapter 13 plan
  • Negotiating for a mortgage or loan modification
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing

Our law firm helps you to avoid foreclosure. We will negotiate to give you more time to pay arrears, change a balloon payment schedule, adjust an interest rate or a new mortgage worked out.

Contact us at (909) 457-0153 to schedule an appointment for a free evaluation for a better financial future.

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