How to Find a Good Bankruptcy Attorney Rancho

You’ve filed for bankruptcy, but you still have creditors after you and you aren’t sure where to go from here. Bankruptcy is a complex financial crisis, and it can’t be handled by just anyone. Here is how to find a good Rancho bankruptcy attorney.

First, get a few recommendations from family or friends whom you trust. Recommendations are one of the best sources for attorneys, particularly those who handle financial matters. When asking for names, be sure to ask what the person liked about the particular attorney they recommend and if they would use them again if they had to. Knowing that someone would trust the attorney a second time around goes a long way to establishing his or her credibility.

Second, to round out your research, call your state Bar association and get two or three names. Don’t go by a generic list that most attorneys can just sign up to be on; speak with someone directly at the office and get the names of attorneys they personally recommend.

After you have a list of three or four names, do more research. Find out what each attorney’s rate is, their reputation in the legal community, if they have published any works relating to your type of bankruptcy, and if they are established. When it comes to the legal world, experience is on your side.

From your initial list, meet with one or two attorneys to get a feel for how they work. Make sure you feel you can work together so your representation is adequate and leaves nothing to be desired. This is your financial future on the line and you shouldn’t entrust it to someone you feel you can’t speak to or ask questions of. Once you’ve met, make your decision and retain the attorney you feel will give you the best representation and work to secure a better financial future for you.

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