Why You Need a Chapter 7 bankruptcy Rancho Cucamonga

Having the right knowledge and skills is critical to your financial success. When it comes to declaring personal bankruptcy, this is especially true. Not having this knowledge may have helped cause your problem to begin with, since you possibly developed poor spending habits or suffered a job loss. Now that you’re in this mess, finding the best chapter 7 bankruptcy in Rancho Cucamonga is essential.

Filing chapter seven bankruptcy is still a real option for many people, but it must be done correctly. A few years ago, there were significant changes made to the bankruptcy code by Congress and new Homeowner Equity Exemptions that will take effect in January 2021. This has made the process more complex and requires a good lawyer who has kept up with these changes in law.  Some of the new laws allow homeowners that did not qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the past to now qualify in 2021.

It’s important to prepare beforehand to help your lawyer build the best case possible. Reading articles like these and using other resources can help you understand the bankruptcy process before you ever discuss the situation with a lawyer. This will also help keep your costs down by reducing the work load on your attorney. Getting all of your financial records together will help you know where you stand and also make things easier when you discuss your case with a lawyer.

Of course, the most important piece of advice you can get from a lawyer is whether you should file for bankruptcy at all.  Though it might be difficult financially, the Hedtke Law Firm offers free initial consultations to help ensure an honest evaluation instead of just a sales pitch for bankruptcy.  Call the Hedtke Law Firm in Rancho Cucamonga today!

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